Purple Line

The new metro Purple Line (M5) is safe, highly technological, ecological and integrated.

This public transport service radically reduces surface congestion and improves the urban environment. The track is perfectly integrated within the existing network and regional rail service.

con-bordo-e-sfuma Nineteen stations to access a sustainable, flexible and interconnected public transport system:

  • The interchange with the M3 Yellow Line is located at the Zara station
  • The interchange with the M2 Green Line, with the Bovisa-Rogoredo Rail Link and the other regional railway lines is located at the Garibaldi Railway Station
  • Domodossola FNM station, link to Ferrovie Nord
  • The interchange with the M1 Red Line is located at the Lotto station.




The project

The Line 5 Project of the Metro of Milan follows the “driverless” model already implemented by ASTS in Copenhagen, and also nearing completion in Rome (Line C), Brescia, Riyadh and Honolulu.

The driverless metro system allows for the variation of the operating program (Number of trains) by placing more operating trains on the line according to the needs of the public throughout the day, providing:

  • High operational flexibility (number of trains, frequency, speed and station dwell time)
  • Higher level of station safety
  • Lower cost of operation



The vehicle


  • Rolling stock length 48 metres
  • 5 bogies including 4 motors 1 trailer
  • Air conditioning on board
  • Telephone communication system between on board the train and the Central Control Room
  • Sistema video in real time tra bordo e PCO
  • Real time video system between on board the train and the Central Control Room
  • Capacity at full load: 536 people.
  • Maximum line speed 80 km/h
  • Average line speed 29 km/h
  • Low level of internal noise





Permanent way:

  • “Milan” or “Modified Milan” System
  • Rails laid on concrete slab with the insertion of suitable devices for reducing vibration
  • • Standard track gauge 1435 mm.


Power supply:

  • Network medium voltage (MV) approx. 30 MW
  • 7 Electrical Substations (ESS) for the conversion of the voltage from AC into DC
  • Third Rail contact line for distributing energy to the trains
  • MV / LV Station Cabins for powering systems.


Technological systems:

  • Automatic Train Control (ATC) systems
  • Telecommunications systems between the Central Office, passengers and service personnel
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Automatic platform screen doors in each station



The 2006 project and finished works




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