Milan moves in safety.The new M5 Line is equipped with an innovative driverless system.

This technology is adopted throughout the world for intelligent traffic control and in order to ensure passengers the highest safety standards.

The access platform is completely separated from the tracks and moving trains: as with elevators, the doors of the glass partitions – which separate waiting passengers from the tunnel – open exclusively once the train has stopped at the station. This device prevents accidental falls and prevents access by unauthorized persons.




The platform door system for the Line 5 of Milan is designed, manufactured and installed so as to provide partitions made of high quality materials, such as glass and anodised aluminium, between the tracks and the platforms passengers have access to. Great care was devoted to the glass components in order to ensure maximum transparency. The invisible structure in galvanized steel covered with anodised aluminium was minimized while remaining capable of withstanding both overall and specific weights.

This type of partition provides a partition element capable of isolating the areas of the station where air conditioning is active from the tunnels, thus reducing the outflow of treated air from the station.

The partitions also contribute to increasing the level of passenger safety by separating the platforms from the tracks. In fact, the platform screen doors are positioned as close as possible to the kinematic envelope of the train so that, under the maximum load, the distance between the kinematic envelope and any point of the partition is no more than 10mm. In this manner it is impossible for passengers to place their foot between the front of the platform screen doors and the train when the latter stops in the correct position with its doors corresponding to those of the platform. This is also prevented by the presence of a special “baffle” profile in the lower part of the sliding door. At the same time, the partitions in question do not represent per se any additional danger for passengers or personnel.

The structure of the platform screen doors is designed for trains with four cars having two doors per carriage. Each partition has an overall length that varies between 49.30m and 50.00m depending on the station and consists of eight identical modules of the same length separated by doors equipped with “panic” handles for emergency evacuation (EED).

The system is inserted and integrated in the structure and architecture of the station and with regard to the operational aspect, in the ATC signalling system.

The project of the Platform Screen Doors meets the following main requirements:

  • it prevents people and/or objects from falling on the tracks with all the consequences arising from such incidents;
  • it prevents the access of unauthorized persons to the tunnels;
  • it allows for the movement of passengers between the platform and the tracks only once the train has stopped in the correct position;
  • it protects passengers by preventing them from being dragged by moving trains;
  • it electrically isolates the partition of the Platform Screen Doors from the concrete structure of the platform;
  • it facilitate maintenance thanks to easily replaceable modular elements, for example the glass is equipped with suspension frames.


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